Thursday, December 11, 2014

Work in Rectangles when Shoveling Snow

As much as I hate to admit it, the time has come to talk about shoveling snow. Just last month, the city of Buffalo in upstate New York was hammered with several feet of snow. This post may be a bit late for them, but it is still early in the snow shoveling season for it to still be useful.

As I made the rounds on my RSS feeds, I found this interesting article from Popular Mechanics. It is titled, 16 Cardinal Rules for Snow Shoveling. Most of these rules only apply to manual shoveling, and some are just common sense. For instance, Popular Mechanics recommends moving snow the shortest distance possible or don't move snow twice. But. there was one that was interesting. They recommend being more efficient by shoveling in a rectangle. The article says, to clear snow from a rectangle, first shovel a strip clear along the perimeter of the rectangle. Then, moving from the center to the edge, push the snow into the cleared area. Next, lift and throw the snow out of the area. 

Read the whole article here.

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