Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Press the Bridge of Your Nose to Stay Awake

Who has ever sat in a boring meeting and felt like they were going to fall asleep at any second? Or, who has had to pull an all-nighter to get something done for either work or school? Caffeine isn't always available, so it is good to have an alternative plan for those scenarios.

Well, I found this interesting little article over on the website Pick Your Brain. It explains why pressing the bridge of your nose might just do the trick. According to the author, Mike Yapp, you start by "making your index finger into a straight bar, place it on the bridge of tissue and cartilage between your nostrils. Apply pressure upward until you feel a slight discomfort. These nerve endings are particularly sensitive and are a quick way to keep you from nodding off. A few gentle pushes should do it. Beware that sometimes this can also cause you to sneeze – so have a tissue handy."

The article goes on to explain four other ways to keep yourself awake, such as: tugging on your ears, and massaging the muscles under your cheek bones. You can find the whole article here.

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