Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Is Someone Cooking Bacon?

I found any interesting little tidbit the other day while flipping through my RSS feeds. Someone had posted a couple of tips about cooking bacon. Now, let me just say up front that I may be a little bias on this topic because I LOVE bacon. Just the aroma of bacon alone can make me drool down the front of my shirt. I especially love the hardwood-smoked thick-sliced bacon. 

Anyway, If you have ever cooked bacon before, you may get frustrated by the shrinkage that invariably happens. For me, it is like a mini buzz kill when I slap a 12 to 14 inch strip of raw bacon in the pan, and end up with a 4 inch strip once it has cooked. So, this article that I read talked about rinsing your bacon in cold water before cooking to reduce shrinkage (which to men may seem a bit counterintuitive). There were several bloggers who tried it and claimed that it worked.

I was dubious, but I will say that my early attempts have been positive. I wouldn’t say that the cold water prevented all shrinkage, but it did seem to reduce the amount of “bacon mass loss”. I also found a note that said that cooking bacon in the oven is the “superior” method. But, I’m not sure if I agree with that one. But, Cooking Light states that it will result in perfect bacon strips every time. Of course, they also say that you should bake the bacon in the oven for 20 minutes. But seriously, who can wait twenty minutes for a piece of bacon? You can find their bacon cooking tips here. Scroll down to item number 30.

So, there is my cooking tip for the day. I’m certainly no Julia Childs, but I do love my bacon.

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