Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dust Collecting to Pac Man Fever

I started out this morning, as I always do, with my usual thirty minute routine on the TreadClimber in my basement. I popped my earbuds on and set my iPod to play randomly selected songs. As I was burning off calories, imagine my surprise when my iPod decided to play an old song from Buckner and Garcia called Pac Man Fever. Let’s face it, as far as songs go, Pac Man Fever really wasn’t all that good. But, it was a novelty, and quite nostalgic. Now, I never had much chance to play Pac Man in the arcades. Most of my best Pac Man playing was on my old Atari 2600. This got me to thinking about video games in general.

At the current moment, there are three video game consoles in my house. I have a Sony Playstation (yes that is the one without a number in the name), a Sony Playstation Two, and a Nintendo Wii. In all honesty, I didn’t even realize that the Sony Playstation (the first one) was even still in the house until I found it in a storage container in the garage about three weeks ago. Anyway, the Playstation Two and the Nintendo Wii are both hooked up and doing what they do best… collecting dust. Actually, I cannot tell a lie, I did play the Nintendo Wii this weekend for about half an hour. Although it was fun, it made me realize how obsolete it has become.

If you don’t have a Nintendo Wii, let me explain. Nintendo will occasionally send messages or updates to my WII. Usually, the messages are alerts about changes to the Wii. When these messages show up, the DVD drive on the Wii starts flashing its bright blue LED lights, notifying you to check for the messages or updates. The past three times that I’ve received messages, they have always been to announce the retirement of another service related to my Nintendo Wii. They always seem to start with the phrase, “Nintendo will be discontinuing…”

It is such a subtle way to say “Go out and buy a new Nintendo, because we’ve deemed the one you have to be too old.” Strangely enough, when I played the Wii over the weekend, it did seem old. When compared to all the images I see on the advertising for the new game consoles, my existing Wii seemed almost, Atari 2600ish. It’s amazing how subtle hints can change a person’s perception. I will admit that I was a little pissed that I couldn’t beat the game like I once could. Of course, that has everything to do with the age of the game console, and nothing to do with my own lack of skill or talent.

Will I rush out and get a new game console? No. The Playstation Two and the Wii are doing a fine job of collecting dust. I don’t need a new dust collector just yet.

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