Saturday, February 22, 2014

Progress On the New Book

I'm one step closer to completing my next book, DIE Share Crop DIE.  I just finished the grammatical editing on the first draft, as well as the first round of rewrites.  I have one new part to write, which I feel will add to the motion of the book, and then I'll begin recruiting my beta readers.  Last night, I took a break from editing to play with a cover idea that I had for the new book.  It is still VERY rough, and far from being the final product, but I thought I would give a sneak preview.

And, if this wasn't enough to keep me busy, I've already started doing some preliminary writing for my next book, tentatively titled The Great Prohibition, as well as outlining an additional idea for a future book that I am for now calling The Sirens of Philadelphia.  If nothing else, I am keeping busy.

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