Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cover Artwork is Done!

Exciting news!  The cover artwork for my next book, Die, Share Crop! Die! is done.  I'll be ordering the proofs for the new book early next week.  Check back here on Monday for the revealing of the cover artwork.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Struggling with a grammatical title thingy! Help!

So, I've come up against a grammatical dilemma with my title.  I was going to call my new book Die Share Crop Die.  But, I am wondering if I need to have some form of punctuation in the title.  Something like Die, Share Crop. Die!  I know this sounds petty to some, but as a writer, I am very concerned about being grammatically correct.  Most book titles don't include punctuation.  But, most titles aren't really an actual sentence.

What do you think?  Should it be...

Die Share Crop Die

Or, should it include punctuation like...

Die, Share Crop.  Die!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Progress On the New Book

I'm one step closer to completing my next book, DIE Share Crop DIE.  I just finished the grammatical editing on the first draft, as well as the first round of rewrites.  I have one new part to write, which I feel will add to the motion of the book, and then I'll begin recruiting my beta readers.  Last night, I took a break from editing to play with a cover idea that I had for the new book.  It is still VERY rough, and far from being the final product, but I thought I would give a sneak preview.

And, if this wasn't enough to keep me busy, I've already started doing some preliminary writing for my next book, tentatively titled The Great Prohibition, as well as outlining an additional idea for a future book that I am for now calling The Sirens of Philadelphia.  If nothing else, I am keeping busy.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Awesome Tool for Writers

Someone asked me the other day how I keep track of my story ideas, plot lines, and research.  If you have ever tried to write anything more than a short story, keeping tabs on how all of that is going can be difficult.  When I wrote my first three books, I worked completely in Pages from the Apple iWork suite.  Although Pages is great for straight writing, it does not work well for outlining plots, gathering research, and etc.  At the time, I had a bad habit of simply writing whatever came to mind, and allowing the story to take shape as I went.  This method works to a certain degree, but what often happens is you add something later in the story that requires you to go back and rewrite large chunks of what you already had written.  When I started writing my third book, Synchronicity, I felt like I needed some additional organization.  There was a lot of research that I had to do, and I was finding it difficult to keep it all organized in a manner that was useful.  The plot lines for the new book were more intricate and less linear than what I had written before, so keeping track of what was going on became a challenge.  So, I went trolling the internet to find something to help me.  

Sunday, February 2, 2014

First Draft is Done!

This afternoon, I'm very excited because I just finished the first draft of my next book, tentatively titled Die Share Crop Die.  The first draft has a total of 51, 608 words, which is the most that I've ever written for a single story.  I still have a couple of months of work to do, with editing and rewriting, but this is a large milestone, which I have been working to reach for several months.