Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cussin' Like A Sailor

Recently, I have started watching a couple of TV shows from Ireland, one called "Mrs. Brown's Boys", and the other called "Single-handed".  I can highly recommend both shows, but that isn't the reason for this post on my blog.  One thing that I noticed is that the broadcasting rules in the United Kingdom are quite different from here in the states.  Both of these shows have a certain level of profanity that wouldn't be acceptable here in the States.  But, one thing that I noticed about both shows is that they use the "feck".  Now, I made some assumptions on my part about the meaning of this word, but I decided to look it up anyway to confirm my assumption.  The word "feck" is a slang variant of the word "f**k".  So, this got me thinking.  What really is the difference between the words that we find offensive and the ones that we use to replace them?

Now, there are people in this world who just don't believe a sentence is complete without some variation of the word "f**k".  Then there are the people that would never use the word "f**k" or "s**t", but they would say "shoot", "darn", and "crap" all the time.  But have you ever thought about it?  Have you ever said "Gosh darn it", or "Oh crap"?  Or replace the word "f**kin'" with "freakin'"?  Did you ever consider what you were trying to say or wanted to say?  So, I started to wonder what is it that really makes those words better than their alternatives … especially when they both have the same meaning.  Think about it.  The word "crap" is just another word for "s**t".  "Feck" is just another word for "f**k".  Or "Darn" is just another word for "d**n".  In both of the shows that I mentioned above, they also use the word "shite".  Can you guess what that means?

So, why are words like "f**k" and "s**t" so offensive, but words that we choose to replace them with are not?  If the word "feck" is just a replacement for the word "f**k", then why is "feck" not just as offensive?  If the word "crap" is just a replacement for the word "s**t", then why don't people get upset when people say "crap"?

 So, if you say "crap" or "feck", aren't you simply saying "s**t" and "f**k"?  Aren't you just cussin' like a sailor?

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