Friday, December 20, 2013

Where is Phil Robertson's freedom of speech?

It has been a while since I have posted anything to my blog.  In all honesty, between prepping for the upcoming holiday and writing a new book, I've had little time to blog.  But, something has come up in the news that I feel I have to comment on.  Let me start by saying that I can't stand reality television, but I LOVE Duck Dynasty.  I think it is, in my opinion, one of the best shows on television.  It is good clean fun about a family that simply wants to be a family.  There is no need to fill it with sex, cursing, or grotesque violence.  It's just good fun.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Netflix - A World of Re-Discovery

Do you know what I love about Netflix? It's their collection of old TV shows. Their streaming collection isn't bad, but it is in their DVDs that I have found a treasure trove of great old shows. I made my first discovery about six months ago when I discovered that Netflix had Emergency! available in their streaming catalog. It brought back a flood of childhood memories. My father was a volunteer firefighter in my hometown (he still is I might add). I can remember watching that show and thinking about him behind the wheel of the fire engine, rushing to a big fire. Of course, my town was considerably smaller that Los Angeles county, where Emergency! was set. The volunteer fire department in my hometown was never as busy as firefighters Roy DeSoto and John Gage.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Neff Strong!

It's amazing how things really bring us in touch with our own mortality.  Earlier this week, I found out that, for the first time in my life, I need to get progressive lenses in my glasses.  It was news that I really didn't want to hear.  Why?  Because it means that I'm getting old.  I'm one step closer to being in the grave.  I'm already dealing with a receding hairline (Or should I say receded hairline.  It's already up and gone), creaking knees, sore joints, and all the other malaises that go along with getting older.  The progressive lens thing was just going to make it easier for me to see the grim reaper when he comes.  I was feeling pretty poorly about the news all week.  It was a week long pity party all about me.  Up to this latest "diagnosis", I was feeling pretty good about my longevity … at least since the last diagnosis which made me feel old.  Yeah, I was having a good ole time wallowing in my own self-pity.  Then I heard about Lacy.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

NANOWRIMO is Coming!!

The month of November is quickly approaching, which means it will be a very busy month for me.  Why?  Because November is NANOWRIMO.  I'm sure that some of you are now scratching your heads thinking, WTH?  NANOWRIMO stands for National Novel Writing Month.  It is a yearly challenge to write 50,000 in 30 days.  NANOWRIMO is a nonprofit organization that helps to promote creative writing with such programs as their Young Writers Program, Come Write In, and Camp NaNoWriMo.  Every year, thousands of potential novelists, or just people looking to take on the challenge, start banging away on their keyboards for 30 days.  Some succeed, and some fail.  2012 was the first year that I participated, and, although I did not get 50,000 words, I did write a considerable portion of my latest book, Synchronicity, during NANOWRIMO.  

One of the great things about NANOWRIMO is the way that it nurtures groups of writers into communities.  Groups of writers throughout the country get together throughout November for NANOWRIMO Write-ins, and other such activities.  Many writers start planning well in the summer for the upcoming NANOWRIMO.  I have even been planning for NANOWIRMO since September.  I have an outline with my story idea, and all of my research ready for the kick-off on NANOWRIMO on November 1st.  It takes quite a bit of dedication, but it is worth it.  

If you are interested in participating in NANOWRIMO this year, sign up on their website at:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cussin' Like A Sailor

Recently, I have started watching a couple of TV shows from Ireland, one called "Mrs. Brown's Boys", and the other called "Single-handed".  I can highly recommend both shows, but that isn't the reason for this post on my blog.  One thing that I noticed is that the broadcasting rules in the United Kingdom are quite different from here in the states.  Both of these shows have a certain level of profanity that wouldn't be acceptable here in the States.  But, one thing that I noticed about both shows is that they use the "feck".  Now, I made some assumptions on my part about the meaning of this word, but I decided to look it up anyway to confirm my assumption.  The word "feck" is a slang variant of the word "f**k".  So, this got me thinking.  What really is the difference between the words that we find offensive and the ones that we use to replace them?

Now, there are people in this world who just don't believe a sentence is complete without some variation of the word "f**k".  Then there are the people that would never use the word "f**k" or "s**t", but they would say "shoot", "darn", and "crap" all the time.  But have you ever thought about it?  Have you ever said "Gosh darn it", or "Oh crap"?  Or replace the word "f**kin'" with "freakin'"?  Did you ever consider what you were trying to say or wanted to say?  So, I started to wonder what is it that really makes those words better than their alternatives … especially when they both have the same meaning.  Think about it.  The word "crap" is just another word for "s**t".  "Feck" is just another word for "f**k".  Or "Darn" is just another word for "d**n".  In both of the shows that I mentioned above, they also use the word "shite".  Can you guess what that means?

So, why are words like "f**k" and "s**t" so offensive, but words that we choose to replace them with are not?  If the word "feck" is just a replacement for the word "f**k", then why is "feck" not just as offensive?  If the word "crap" is just a replacement for the word "s**t", then why don't people get upset when people say "crap"?

 So, if you say "crap" or "feck", aren't you simply saying "s**t" and "f**k"?  Aren't you just cussin' like a sailor?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Lies Teachers Tell

I was recently shocked to discover that my elementary school teachers had been lying to me all through my early, impressionable years.  It is a wonder that after all those years of deception and deceit that I turned out as normal and mentally balanced as I did.  I think the campaign of disinformation started when I was in second grade.  I had a crush on my second grade teacher, Miss Schubert.  At least that's what I think her name was.  It has been several decades since I was in second grade.  Anyway, she was the first teacher to start the terrible fabrication that was perpetuated throughout my school years, and would plague me throughout my adult life.  I don't know why teachers feel it is necessary to mislead their students with such grievous and intentional falsehoods, but it is truly an injustice to all of the students who have had to endure such subterfuge.  I'm talking about the despicable theory of "I before E, except after C".

As a writer, there are few things that can make me feel more like an idiot than seeing my words underlined by spell check because I placed an I before an E.  Let's face it.  If there is any rule in the English language that is wrong, it's this one.  Yeah, there are plenty of words that follow this rule, such as; species, science, believe, and friend.  But, for as many words that fit in with the rule, there are plenty that do not follow this deceitful atrocity, such as; seize, weird, vein, foreign, leisure, heinous, neighbor, reign, feign, and surveillance, just to name a few.

To make matters worse, this practice of distorting the truth to helpless students who know no better has gone on for centuries.  This little mnemonic can be found as early as 1866 from a book called Manual of English Spelling.  This obviously has been a longstanding conspiracy with school teachers, handed down from generation to generation.  You have no idea how heartbreaking it is to learn that my first love, Miss Whatever-Her-Name-Is, had lied to me so many years ago.  It makes me wonder what other aspersions I was told by my teachers. 

I'd bring up the one about how teachers tell their students that they will use Calculus in their lives every day, but I think that piece of dishonesty speaks for itself.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Frozen in Time - Recovery Mission Underway

I recently finished reading a book called Frozen in Time: An Epic Story of Survival and a Modern Quest for Lost Heroes of World War II by Mitchell Zuckoff. The book tells the tale of three military plane crashes that occured during World War II on Greenland, and the subsequent rescue missions that followed. But, the book goes even further with the modren day search for the bodies of three missing Coast Guardsmen who are still buried in the ice after all these years. The book ended with the discovery of the missing plane from a search mission from the summer of 2012. Now, a year later, Mitchell has returned to Greenland with his team again for a recovery mission. You can read about the expedition at the following link. 

The book was fantastic. I would highly recommend reading it. But, I thought that it was even more interesting to follow the new expedition on a daily basis. Check it out.

Frozen in Time - Available on Amazon

Frozen in Time is a gripping true story of survival, bravery, and honor in the vast Arctic wilderness during World War II, from the author of New York Times bestseller Lost in Shangri-La.

On November 5, 1942, a US cargo plane slammed into the Greenland Ice Cap. Four days later, the B-17 assigned to the search-and-rescue mission became lost in a blinding storm and also crashed. Miraculously, all nine men on board survived, and the US military launched a daring rescue operation. But after picking up one man, the Grumman Duck amphibious plane flew into a severe storm and vanished.
Frozen in Time tells the story of these crashes and the fate of the survivors, bringing vividly to life their battle to endure 148 days of the brutal Arctic winter, until an expedition headed by famed Arctic explorer Bernt Balchen brought them to safety. Mitchell Zuckoff takes the reader deep into the most hostile environment on earth, through hurricane-force winds, vicious blizzards, and subzero temperatures.

Moving forward to today, he recounts the efforts of the Coast Guard and North South Polar Inc. – led by indefatigable dreamer Lou Sapienza – who worked for years to solve the mystery of the Duck’s last flight and recover the remains of its crew.

A breathtaking blend of mystery and adventure Mitchell Zuckoff's Frozen in Time: An Epic Story of Survival and a Modern Quest for Lost Heroes of World War II is also a poignant reminder of the sacrifices of our military personnel and a tribute to the everyday heroism of the US Coast Guard.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Book Release - "Synchronicity" now available at!

It is with great pleasure that I announce that my new book, Synchronicity, is now available for purchase from  It is available in paperback, as well as Kindle eBook.  It will also be available for the Barnes & Noble Nook later this week.

This, by far, has been the most difficult book for me to write.  It is in a genre from which I don't normally write or read.  I do not usually read supernatural/horror, and I certainly don't usually read it.  But, the storyline for this book has been tossing around in my mind for a while and the timing to put it down on paper seemed right.  I want to thank my cousin, Christine Schulden, for all of her input as an early reader.  I am very grateful for her willingness to read ... and re-read the book.

You can pick up your copy today by clicking below.  Thanks for your support.  I hope you enjoy the new book.


Paul Donnelly was a middle-aged man living in Wilmington, Delaware. Ryan MacDonald was a police constable in the small Scottish village of Kilborn. They were two men who lived completely different lives thousands of miles apart. But, when Paul's dying father gives his son an ancient amulet on his deathbed, the two men's lives become irrevocably intertwined. 

When a series of animal mutilations in and around Kilborn escalates into three brutal murders, Ryan MacDonald discards the local folklore about a curse, and struggles to find a rational explanation for the horrible deaths. Meanwhile Paul Donnelly, who has been plagued with hellish nightmares since his father's death, must set aside his doubts and fears to delve deep into his family's past to discover the secret behind an ancient curse that has haunted his ancestors for centuries. 

As each man searches for answers, a horror from the past has risen from Kilborn Loch seeking revenge on the terrified villagers of Kilborn. And, neither Paul nor Ryan has the power to stop it alone.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Last Minute Brain Fart!!

So, as usual, I had a last minute brain fart.  I've finished reviewing the proof for Synchronicity, and now I'm thinking of making some minor adjustments to the cover.  So, tell me what you think.  Here is the current cover as announced last week.

Original Cover

Here are a couple of options that I started thinking about.

New Cover A
New Cover B

What do you think?

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cover Reveal - "Synchronicity"

The release of my new book, Synchronicity is not far off.  The cover has been selected with the help of some awesome fans.  Congratulations to Karin Shaim for being the randomly selected winner who will receive a paperback copy of the book.  Now, I am just waiting for the final proofs, and then I'll be looking at a release date sometime in mid-July.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Have You Heard The One About ...

Have you heard the one about the TV Cooking Host who used a racial slur years ago and now has lost her television contract and her sponsors?  Paula Dean is in deep trouble over comments that she had made in the past that were racial in nature.  Now, the world is up in arms and she is losing her sponsorships, and Food Network has even decided to not renew their contract with her.  All of this over comments made years ago.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Geek Time - My First Non-Apple Smart Phone

It's time for me to geek out for a few minutes. So, I apologize to those who come to my blogger for insightful commentary. This is going to be strictly geek speak. I've been the proud owner of an iPhone for several years. I love my iPhone. I love its shape, its style, and just about everything about it. My iPhone is a part of my life, and I feel naked without it. I don't leave the house without it, and it doesn't leave the house without me. We are attached at the hip. We are like Laurel and Hardy. I think you can figure out which is Stan Laurel and which is Oliver Hardy. I'll give you a hint. I'm the fat one.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cover Artwork For Synchronicity

While I am waiting to hear back from my beta reader.  I decided to start tinkering around with artwork for the new book, Synchronicity.  It is still early days, but I thought I would share what I've come up with thus far.  Here are four designs, all similar with minor adjustments.  Take a look and feel free to comment your thoughts.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Secret Diary of Juror #10 - Part Two

Well, I had been hoping to make this a series of blog posting relating my experiences on my first ever jury duty.  The trial was expected to last until Friday.  But, the defendant offered a settlement that the plaintiff accepted.  So, jury duty ended yesterday, three days early.  I can't help but admit that I'm a little bummed.   My kudos go out to the judge for doing such an awesome job of taking the time to ensure that jury understood each step of the trial process.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Secret Diary of Juror #10 - Part One

Losing One's Jury Duty Virginity

So, if you have kept up on my blog, you may have read my last post in which I was summoned for jury duty in New Castle County.  I may have said that I wasn't looking forward to jury duty, but was prepared to serve my one day.  Well, It wasn't so much jury duty as jury selection.  Yes, I was selected to serve on a jury for a trial which starts tomorrow (6/3/2013).  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Caution: That coffee may be hot!

Tomorrow, I am heading to the New Castle County courthouse for jury duty.  It is the civic duty of all law abiding citizens of this great country to serve on a jury.  Now, I must admit that I have never actually served on a jury before.  I have received a summons several times, but never had to appear to actually serve.  This will be a new experience for me.  

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Michael, where art thou?

For those of you who may have been wondering why I haven't published any new books recently, let me fill you in.  So, I previously posted that the first draft of my new book, Synchronicity was done.  This book is a new genre for me, one in which I don't have much experience writing, or even reading.  So, I spent more time writing than I normally do.  I'd write a scene, and then go back and rewrite it, trying to get just the right words to convey my story.  I handed off the draft to my beta reader, who has quite a bit more experience in the supernatural genre than I do.  She sent back some suggestions.  Since then, I have busy making major rewrites on the plot of Synchronicity.  I just finished that a few weeks ago and have sent it off to my beta reader for another peak.  So, that is where the new book stands.  It still needs the usual grammatical/spelling reviews, but I think I have the rough draft which, for the most part, will become the final book.

Now, I'm not the kind of writer who can just sit around on my hands waiting on beta readers.  I'm also in the midst of a new book, tentatively titled, In The Spirit of Things.  This again is in the supernatural genre.  Here is a brief teaser.

Every town has its ghosts, legends, and spooky tales of the unexplained.  In the heartland of Kansas, the small town of Bridgewater Falls seems to have more than its fair share of phantoms.  A preacher, a young man, a soldier, a dreamer, and a con man all come face to face with a supernatural power that lurks in the shadows of the town with devastating results.  Each of five confront a supernatural force that reaches across decades to destroy the hopes and dreams of all of those who live in Bridgewater Falls.

I'm very excited about In the Spirit of Things, and hope to complete it soon.  And, Synchronicity should be ready shortly as well.  I will post more as I get closer to a publication date.  Don't forget that my first three books are still available.  If you have read them, thank you.  If you haven't, you can click here for more information on how to pick up a copy today.


Black and White and
Dead All Over


The Case Files of
Doyle & McCraken

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Still Here ... Still Writing.

It's funny how time just flies when you've got your head down, pounding away on the keyboard.  I finally noticed that I had not posted anything on my blog since April 16th.  Have no fear, I am still here, and still writing.  Synchronicity needed some major rewriting after the first draft, so I have been frantically pounding away at that.  I've also started a new project, tentatively called In The Spirit of Things.  I'll have more details about that coming out later.  I am shooting for a July 4th release date for Synchronicity, but I'll have a firmer date once I finish the rewriting.

So, if you haven't checked out my books yet, hop over to my book store to get a copy of my first three books.  If you have read my first three books, and are waiting for the fourth, please be patient just a little bit longer.   

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 15th - A Perspective

In America, April 15th has been famous for being Tax Day, the deadline when citizens have to have their income tax forms filed with the federal government. Henceforth, it will be known as the day that the Boston Marathon was bombed. Yesterday evening, like most Americans, I spent my time watching the continous coverage of the tradegy that was broadcast across most of the major television networks. As is normlally the case when an event such as this occurs, the news networks, for a lack of information, try to fill the time with speculation. During the first few hours of the bombings, there were rumors that additonal unexploded bombs were found, a fire at the JFK Library was thought to have ben caused by a third bomb, and one commentator boldly stated that this was the work of ultra right-wing terrorists.

The video and photos, which were repeatedly displayed on the internet and television throughout the entire night were horrifying. Yet as the scenes of the carnage played out on television, it was uplifting to see the men and women who rushed towards the blast zones to assist with the injured. What a sign of what America is all about! Putting aside concerns for one's self and providing aid to those in need. Perhaps, I should change my statement slightly, What a sign of what human nature is all about. We saw the same behaviors in London a few years ago after the bus and underground bombings. We also see it frequently in Iraq after a roadside bombing. We see that same behavior in some of the worst war zones on the planet. Human nature at work.

However, it is also human nature that is the root cause of such atrocities. The quest for power or money seem to be at the heart of most violent events. Think about it for a moment. What is the ultimate purpose of a roadside bomb in Iraq? The quest for to destabilize the existing government enough that someone else can come into power. Ultimately, the reason for the yesterday's bombings in Boston will probably be, not about inflicting pain, but about making a statement in the hopes of having the power to influence something in this country.

It is unfortunate that the same human nature that instinctively leads one to run towards danger to help others, also drives some to perpetrate violence for the sake of power. Will the violence ever stop? I doubt it. Until we can change human nature, the need for greed and the lust for power will always be there. Despite law enforcements best efforts, as long as humans exist in their present form, there will always be bombings, mass shootings, hijackings, and violence. It's a sad realization, but it is true. The only consolidation is that, as long as there is violence, there will always be those who will put aside their own concerns and rush headlong into danger to help others.

My prayers and thoughts go out to those who were injured or killed in yesterday's bombings.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shedding a Few Pounds

So, I need to lose weight. Who doesn't? I do. The problem that I have with dieting is that I am on the road constantly, which means that I am eating out all the time. That doesn't always go well when you are dieting. Other than eating salads (which gets old after a while), there usually are not a lot of healthy items on the menu that stay within the boundaries of a diet.

In the past, I've tried counting calories in the past. That was a mistake. Calorie counting always makes me feel like I can't eat anything. By the time you have added up the calories from breakfast, you find that you can only have enough left to eat a slice of bread, a slice of cheese, two pickles, and a carrot.

So, I joined Weight Watchers for Men. It seems like it is more flexible than just counting calories. Plus, I am wearing a FitBit now, which helps me track my activity throughout the day.

Hopefully, the combination of this two things will help me to shed a few pounds off this aging mess that I call a body.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Synchronicity" - My Big Experiment

You may have heard me mention my next project, which is called Synchronicity.  This is a bit of an experiment for me as I am diving into a genre that is unfamiliar to me.  For those who have grown accustomed to my straight forward mystery books, you will probably be a bit surprised.  The new book is more of a supernatural horror.  There is no detective tracking down clues.  

My experiment has become an interesting journey for me.  I did quite a lot differently with this book than with my previous ones.  For starters, I tried using a new software called Scrivener, which I will say was AWESOME.  I also spent quite a bit of time planning and mapping out the story with virtual index cards before beginning the writing process.  This was very different in that with the first three books, I simply sat down and started writing.  I won't say that the index card method was any better or worse than what I did before, but I definitely think it will be something that I do going forward.  

So, I just finished up the writing of Synchronicity this evening while sitting in my hotel room in Buffalo, NY.  Next step is to drop it into Microsoft Word for spelling/grammar checks and formatting.  Then off to beta readers (whom I am still in the process of identifying).  I still need to wrap up the cover artwork, send everything of for proofing.  And then, one final review before putting it on sale.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Book Sale!!

With today being the start of Easter holiday weekend, I thought I would have a little sale.  From now until Monday, April 1st, the Kindle versions of my books are reduced to $.99.  That is $2.00 off the regular price.  If you have a Kindle from, this is your chance to get a really good deal on all three of my books.  Get them now!

The Case Files of Doyle & McCraken



Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First Draft of "Synchronicity" Is Complete!

I just finished the first draft of the latest book that I have been working on.  It is still in the very early stages, and needs a lot of editing and rewriting.  But, it is nice to have the first draft done.  The new book will be called Synchronicity.  It is my first attempt at something in the supernatural genre.  There is still a couple of months worth of work before it is complete, but to wet your appetite, I thought I would post just a few quick paragraphs from Synchronicity.  Instead of grabbing the first few paragraphs, I decided to take something from the middle of the book.  Enjoy!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Book Review: "A Bitter Frost" by Christine Schulden

As I mentioned earlier, my cousin, Christine Schulden recently published her first book called A Bitter Frost.  I finished reading it last week and I thought I would post a few thoughts.  I will try not to be bias since she is my cousin.  

The book focuses on Laurel Frost, the wife of a prominent local lawyer.  To the rest of the world, Laurel appears to have the perfect life, with a perfect home on plenty of land, influential friends, country club membership, nice car, and everything else that comes with a privileged life of luxury.  But, behind closed doors, things are very different.  Laurel is tormented in her own home by an unknown intruder who tosses books from shelves, moves furniture, breaks dishes, and shatters mirrors.  No matter how hard she tries, she can't make anyone believe that someone else is doing these things.  Laurel is desperate to expose the truth, which leads her down a path that could turn deadly.

Now, I don't normally read books from the paranormal genre.  I am more of a good old "murder, follow the clues, catch the murderer" type reader.  But, I have to admit that Christine pulled me in with her story from the first chapter.  The character development was thorough, making you really start to care about Laurel and what is happening to her.  Although it is a long book, I found myself not wanting to stop reading for fear of missing some important detail.  And speaking of details, Christine does a nice job of setting each scene with enough detail to give a clear visual picture of the surroundings.

I won't give anything away, but the final plot twist in the last chapter left me stunned.  All in all, a very enjoyable read.

The book is available from is paperback and Kindle formats.  Click here for more details.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Congress ... Nothing More Than a Room Full of Idiots

I try not to get political on my blog, but today I just have to speak up.  If you have watched the news any time in the past few weeks, you will know that the so-called "Sequester" has arrived.  This means large spending cuts in the federal budget for the United States.  I am in favor of spending cuts in order to lower the deficit.  I'm not necessarily in favor of arbitrary cuts that are not carefully analyzed for their impact.  But, this is not about the sequester.  This is about the incompetence and ineptitude of the United States government.

For weeks, I have watched as the Democrats and Republicans spent all of their time pointing fingers and blaming everyone but themselves for the sequester.  Instead of sitting down at a table and come up with solutions, they would rather try to protect their own skin by casting blame on others.  The Senate blames the House.  The House blames the Senate.  Congress blames Obama, and Obama blames the Congress.  Republicans blame Democrats, and Democrats blame Republicans.  It is an endless loop in what has become par for the course in Washington.  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Talent Must Be A Family Trait

Talent must run in the family. My cousin, Christine Schulden, has just released her first book called A Bitter Frost. I haven't read it yet, but it will be the next book on my list once I finish the book that I am currently reading.  Christine's new book is available in paperback and Kindle ebook. Get your copy now.

Get it A Bitter Frost in paperback from

Get it A Bitter Frost in Kindle ebook from

Monday, February 18, 2013

Book Release - "DEADLINES" - Available Now!!

It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of my latest book, DEADLINES.  This is the second book in the Brian Wilder Mystery series which started with BLACK and WHITE and DEAD ALL OVER.  

Newark High School's Class of 1982 is celebrating their thirty year class reunion. But, when both of the guests of honor are found dead with their wrists slashed open, Brian Wilder steps in to unravel the mysterious connection between the two dead men and a young boy's suicide from thirty-two years ago. It's a race against time as Brian tries to pull the pieces of the mystery together before the murderer strikes for a third time.

Available Now!

Pick up your copy today.  DEADLINES is available now from and Barnes & Noble in paperback, as well as ebook for the Kindle and the Nook.

Click here to purchase DEADLINES from

Get DEADLINES at Barnes & Noble by clicking here.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Confession

Those who know me well, may find this hard to read. I think it is time for me to make a confession. It is not something that I confess to lightly, and believe me when I say that this is not easy to write. If you have known me at almost any stage of my life, you would know that I profess to be a Christian. I have proclaimed my faith in God for a long time. The relationship hasn't always been perfect. I've tried my best to not blame God when things went wrong, with varying degrees of success. I've made numerous efforts to study the Bible, again with varying degrees of success. I've been actively involved in most of the churches that I have attended over the years. I felt that my belief system was fairly solid, built on a Rock.

Friday, February 1, 2013

DEADLINES Giveaways!

I am proud to announce that my new book, DEADLINES, will be available on February 18th.  To celebrate, I will give five lucky winners paperback copies of both books in the Brian Wilder series.  This includes the first book, BLACK and WHITE and DEAD ALL OVER, and the new book, DEADLINES.  From now until February 18th, you can enter to win below, or click on the Giveaways tab above. You can enter as often as you like. Good luck!

Don't forget to pick up your copy of DEADLINES on February 18th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, January 25, 2013

New Trailer for Deadlines Released

I am proud to announce the release of the new trailer for my upcoming book, Deadlines.  Enjoy!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"OZ?" - Random Writing From My Keyboard

As a writer, it is important to constantly be putting words to paper, or in my case, typing words on a computer screen.  Although I have a couple projects that I am currently working on, there are times when I just write with no idea where my words are headed.  In these cases, I have no specific plot outlined and no specific end point to the story.  Sometimes, this writing ends up being nonsense, and sometimes it starts to look like a future project.  I thought I would share a piece of one of those that seems like it could be something some day.  Please remember that this is raw writing, with no editing or spellcheck.  Please feel free to leave comments about what you think.  Enjoy!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oldies But Goodies ... Or Maybe Just Old.

I'm not one to listen to the radio much these days. I typically prefer my iPod. However, yesterday I flipped on the radio in my car and found myself listening to WOGL in Philadelphia. If you are not familiar with WOGL, it has been Philadelphia's oldies station for a number of years. Imagine my surprise when they played the song "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins. If you don't know the song, it was a hit from the movie "Top Gun", which came out while I was in high school, in the eighties. The last time that I listened to WOGL, they only played music from the sixties and seventies. So, imagine my further surprise when I heard the radio station play one of their promotional stingers, in which they proudly announced that they play music from the sixties, seventies, and eighties.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Team of Rivals

After seeing the film, Lincoln, I decided to read the book on which it was based. The book is called Team of Rivals by Pulitzer Prize winner Doris Kearns Goodwin. First, let me say that the film is only based on the latter part of the book, which is something I didn't realize when I first started to read it. However, that fact did not in anyway decrease this enjoyable read. If anything, it enhanced the book immensely.

Goodwin starts the book on the eve of the Republican Party Convention in Chicago in 1860, the year Abraham Lincoln was nominated to run for President as a Republican. Although the book is focused on Lincoln and his political genius, it is by no means only about Lincoln. Goodwin paints a fantastic picture of this country's political giants and strife before and during the Civil War. She provides detailed background on all of the individuals who were involved in the turmoil of that time. Goodwin brings history alive with thousands of quotes from letters, newspapers, and diaries to provide a vivid imagery of the plots, and subplots involving the politicians of that time, but also the everyday citizens, soldiers, and generals.

The one thing that I warn any potential readers is the fact that it a long book. It is almost 1000 pages. But, it is well worth the read.

Friday, January 4, 2013

"Deadlines" - A Sneak Peek

As you may know, I am in the process of putting the finishing touches on the next book in my Brian Wilder Mystery Series.  The new book is called Deadlines.  I thought it might be nice to give everyone a sneak peek at what is coming.  Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Deadlines.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"Deadlines" - Cover Reveal

As you may know, I have been working on the next book in the Brian Wilder series, which started with BLACK and WHITE and DEAD ALL OVER.  The new book is called Deadlines and will be released some time in the near future.  To kick off the New Year, I decided to reveal the finished cover artwork for the new book.  So, without further ado, here are the front and back covers for Deadlines.

Back Cover
Front Cover