Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fifteen Years ... We're Just Getting Started

Today is October 11th, a very important day for me.  On this day in 1997, I married Diane Bailey in Morgantown, West Virginia.  I don't believe either of us had any clue of the roller coaster on which we were about to embarked.  Together, we have lived in three different cities, gone through numerous jobs, survived breast cancer, have seen nieces and nephews born, family members pass away, survived a shattered knee cap, gained weight, lost weight, gained weight again, lost hair, and brought two dogs into our home.

The past fifteen years have not been easy.  It has taken a lot of patience (which Diane still doesn't think I have), perseverance, faith, hard work, and love.  But, in the end, the smiles, frowns, sweat, tears, pain, and joy have been worth every minute.  I can't imagine going through the past fifteen years with anyone other than her.

The other day, we were sitting at the dinner table, allowing our meal to digest.  We started talking about the past fifteen years and how the time has flown by.  If I was completely honest, I sometimes have difficulty remembering the first five years.  My memory isn't quite as good as it once was.  That doesn't mean that those five years weren't important.  But, I remember enough to know that Diane makes me whole.  Without her, I would be just a shell of the man that I am.  She completes me.  Before Diane, I was nothing more than a jigsaw puzzle with half of the pieces missing.  Diane brought the rest of the pieces with her, and God took those pieces and completed the puzzle.

Fifteen years is not enough time to love someone.  I'm going to need a lifetime to truly love Diane the way that she deserves to be loved.  I love my wife deeply.

Diane, I love you.

I'd like to end this with a few lines from the song that I wrote and sang at our wedding.  Those words are still true today.

With this ring I thee wed
And I make this vow to you
I will be by your side
No matter what we go through
I will fight for our love
To you I will be true
To your heart I've been led
With this ring I thee wed

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