Thursday, July 19, 2012

TomKat? Is this really news?

This week, while enjoying the complimentary breakfast at my hotel near Boston, I had the opportunity to watch some of the morning shows on the major television networks.  This week, I found it interesting to see how much they were focused on the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes split.  It was covered in great detail on all of the three networks.  The networks even had nicknames for the couple.  The one that stuck out for me was TomKat.  Now, there have been many celebrity marriages in the past that received massive coverage from all of the news networks.  It raises a question in my mind … Who cares?

I am always amazed at how much coverage celebrities get in the news.  Who can forget Charlie Sheen and his departure from Two and a Half Men?  Is it truly possible that there isn't enough news out there that the networks have to dedicate huge chunks of airtime to a celebrity's temper tantrum or a celebrity couple's marital problems?  Isn't that what the tabloids are for?

Maybe I am just out of touch, but I think there are more important things that are newsworthy.  What about the economy?  Or maybe the ongoing war in Afghanistan?  Or even the slaughter going on in Syria?  Does the pending divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes really trump all other news items for top billing?

On a daily basis, you can walk through almost any city and find homeless and hungry people who are suffering.  Jobless rates keep climbing, and the country is drowning in debt.  Yet, the big concern is who will get the one of many houses in the divorce settlement between Tom and Katie?  Let's face it.  That's not news.  Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are just two people in a world full of people.  They both put their pants on the same way that everyone else does.  Granted, their pants probably cost five times as much as everyone else, but they still go on one leg at a time.

I've never been one for celebrity worship.  I could never understand how problems that individuals deal with every day, can become important news stories when they happen to celebrities.  There are couples all over the world who are facing divorce at this very moment.  None of them are getting primetime news coverage.  The same goes for financial troubles.  Millions of people are struggling to make ends meet, but when a celebrity suddenly has money problems, it is plastered all over the headlines.

My request to ABC, CBS, and NBC, please give me the news that truly impacts the world around me, not the intimate details of some person's divorce who I have never met, have no interest in meeting, and could care less about.

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